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Lady Gaga Sunglasses – Go Eccentric with Your Fashion

No matter how gaga she seems, Lady Gaga sure knows how to grab the attention of the fashion police, even if not always in a positive way. However, one of the most famous fashion accessories Lady Gaga uses and people would love to get their hands on is the funky pairs of sunglasses she sports on different occasions. For those who love to experiment with fashion, Lady Gaga sunglasses are definitely a major attraction.

If you also love the shades worn by the diva, here is what you need to learn about them.

Oliver Goldsmith Y-Not

Going completely vintage, Lady Gaga wore a pair of sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith that were created back in the 60’s. While the sunglasses were available in many different colors, including white, dark shell, light shell, and pine wood, Gaga decided to go with classic black frames. Even though Y-Nots are now an old design that is not commonly retailed, it can still be made to order by Oliver Goldsmith for those who love this look.

Alpina Goldwing DBGM

It may seem like Lady Gaga favors the rare and vintage look a bit too much. Made in the 80’s by Alpina, the Goldwing DBGM sunglasses are an absolute favorite of the singing diva. However, you might find it slightly difficult to get your hands on these since they are not so commonly available in the market. However, if this is the look you want, you can always start researching whether Alpina is retailing them anymore or not.

Emilio Pucci 89850

Another pair of handmade shades from the 80’s, Emilia Pucci is a cool and stylish look to go for. However, due to the high-demand of Lady Gaga sunglasses, it can be extremely difficult to get your hands on a pair of these. In most stores, you may find all of these sold out and you might have to wait a long time to grab these. Yet, start looking right away and you’re bound to find them for yourself.

Jeremy Scott

This slightly eccentric pair of sunglasses is an absolute rage among fashion lovers right now. More commonly known as Gaga’s Mickey Mouse sunglasses, these sunglasses are very popular and everyone knows the brand name. However, you may have trouble getting a pair of these since all of them are currently sold out. If you want to buy sunglass like lady gaga then go to and order eyeglasses online.

From the Haus of Gaga

When it comes to sunglasses, Lady Gaga doesn’t always depend on famous brands to give her something unique. If she has an idea, she can get it custom-made. Two famous sunglasses that cannot be traced back to any major brand name are the Video Glasses and the Poker Face Sunglasses. The Video glasses features iPods in place of the lenses using the iOS software. On the other hand, the Poker Face sunglasses have one crystal-covered and one pigeon-holed lens. While quite sought after, both these sunglasses, currently, are not retailed by any manufacturer.

Louis Vuitton Bindi

Available in bold and bright colors and featuring an Indian Bindi-resembling stone between the lenses, these sunglasses were instantaneously popular. These sunglasses are quite stylish and fashionable and are worn by many other celebrities apart from Lady Gaga. However, once again the glasses are from a previous season and it can get quite difficult to get your hands on a pair of these ones.

D&G Butterfly

A part of D&G’s Summer 2009 collection, these are glasses which you can find easily at several online stores. Large, bold and fragile-looking, these sunglasses look stylish and fit the eccentric style of the diva perfectly. You can find these sunglasses in different and unique colors including classic black, hot pink and dark green.

So, now that you know where to look for your favorite Lady Gaga sunglasses, it is time to get on and grab a pair for your fashion accessories collection.


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